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Commercial Window Film

Having your company’s windows professionally tinted with high-quality window film is a smart way to increase privacy and security, while protecting your valuables and helping to reduce both heating and AC expenses. At Titan Motorworks, we offer superior-grade commercial window tinting services for business in Rochester and the greater WNY region, using XPEL Vision window film for enhanced protection and long-lasting reliability.


XPEL VISION, a revolutionary architectural glass solution from XPEL, is now your source for all solutions in the matter of privacy, energy efficiency, protection from fading furniture, as well as security solutions against shattered glass fragments. Protect your business office for years to come.

The Benefits of XPEL Vision® Commercial Window Film

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs to help keep your business efficient and profitable.
  • Provides significant sun and glare protection for a more comfortable interior space.
  • Shown to reject over 99% of all UV rays, to protect furniture, tech and interiors.
  • Eliminates hot spots throughout your company’s interior space for increased comfort.
  • Provides additional UV skin protection while preventing shattered glass from traveling.
  • XPEL Vision window film is backed by a comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer.

XPEL Vision Solar 

The perfect solution for businesses looking to reduce heating and cooling costs, while increasing comfort and safety at work.  Available in 8 styles including Clear View, Clear View Plus, Crystal Clear, Daylight, Evening View, One Way, Silver and Bronze.

XPEL Safety 

A clear commercial window film with enhanced PET and 99% UV filtering, XPEL Safety is extremely durable and perfect for businesses at risk for window breakage. Choose from with 4mm or 7mm thick window films based on your company’s needs.

XPEL Security 

Hands-down one of the most effective ways to deter break-ins and unwanted entry to your facility, XPEL Security window film is available in a variety of densities, including 8mm, 12mm and ultra-protective 15mm thickness.


XPEL Anti-Graffiti 

For businesses who routinely find themselves cleaning graffiti off their windows, XPEL Anti-Graffiti is a smart choice.  It’s perfect for protecting glass and storefronts, and is available in clear 4mm and 6mm thickness for interiors and exteriors.

XPEL Exterior

It’s distinct, reflective appearance allows businesses of every industry to enjoy the benefits of reduced solar glare and UV, while helping to lower monthly heating and AC expenses. It comes in silver with a powerful 20% VLT factor.


Whether you choose Matte White or non-transparent Blackout or Whiteout, you’re sure to love the way XPEL Decorative window film complements the look of your facility.  It provides a clean look that helps reduce glare and UV rays, while increasing privacy.

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