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We all drive.

But for some of us it’s a passion we’ve had inside us since we walked around our very first set of wheels, climbed in, and made the open road ours. Driving is freedom. A four-wheeled declaration of independence. Windows down, music up, and a full tank of gas. But it’s what we drive that embodies who we are. At their finest, our vehicles are an extension of our personality, attitude, and character. Fast, powerful, impeccably built, responsive, efficient, and attention-grabbing.

We get it. And while we don’t make the cars you drive, we do make them a world-class reflection of you. We are automotive craftsmen who understand every detail. Every color and finish. Every line and engineered nuance. Every unique desire.


We all drive. But some of us are driven to go further.


And it’s those who become Titans.

Colin Bartkowiak

Shop Manager

John Frame

Director of Logistics

Jose Sanchez-Berrios

Paint Protection Film/Window Film Installation Expert

Shawn Godshall

Customer Success Manager