Automotive Services

Regardless of what you drive or the level of customization you’re looking to achieve, Titan Motorworks is continually striving to provide exemplary automotive services in Rochester NY. Learn more about what sets us apart by visiting any of the sections below.


From ceramic protection and undercoating to tinted windows and innovative XPEL automotive film, Titan Motorworks specializes in a wide range of exterior protection services. Learn more about the innovative approach our team takes when it comes to protecting your vehicle.


Whether it’s regular automotive detailing job or helping restore your vehicle’s once lustrous finish, Titan Motorworks utilizes the most advanced equipment, materials and process to ensure that your vehicle never loses its showroom shine. Learn more and see photos!

Aftermarket Accessories

As one of the leading sellers and installers of aftermarket vehicle accessories in Rochester NY, Titan Motorworks offers everything you’ll need to customize and distinguish your vehicle. See our full catalog of car and truck accessories, audio/video, radar detectors, alarms and more.

For complete information on Titan Motorworks, our specialties, or our full offering of vehicle customization services, get in touch by phone at 585-484-1420 and we’ll be happy to discuss your project. Or stop in during normal business hours to meet with one of our techs.

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