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Gyeon Ceramic Paint Coatings


What is Ceramic Coating?

There’s a long and a short to this. The short? GYEON Ceramic Paint Coatings are great. They ease maintenance, improve gloss, and reduce potential damage from environmental factors like bird droppings, acid rain, bug smashes, road paint, and tar. They can be stacked on paint protection film for the best results. 

First up, let’s briefly touch on the elephant in the room: loads of shops and dealerships talk about ceramic coatings as the be-all and end-all of vehicle protections. They talk about the coating resisting scratches, and basically being "bulletproof". Luckily, you’re here reading this and we really like facts and transparency so, let’s clarify some things.

Ceramic coatings serve to ease maintenance and protect against surface contaminants. This is achieved with professionally-applied coatings that essentially fill the tiny gaps in normal paint structure, and using chemicals that promote hydrophobicity. The bonus features of a properly applied coating (more on that in a few) are enhanced visual depth and gloss of painted surfaces.

While all coatings offer a ‘hardness’ level, the scratch resistance offered is primarily to stop potential swirls during a handwash process. If you drag a coated car through an automated carwash like Delta or Royal, you *will* scratch and trash the visual condition of the coating, and eventually, the paint. If you’re looking for scratch and swirl protection, head over to our STEK Paint Protection Film department, they’ve got you covered.

Professional application matters. Why? Because a bad install can cause real damage. We operate in a controlled environment on many levels, with products only available to skilled/certified dealers. Over-the-counter products don’t cut it in this arena - this isn’t WebMD and your buddy’s advice. This is asking the doctor what’s best, and being prescribed a solution.

Hydrophobicity and slickness are the two most useful features in practice. It basically means that things don’t want to stick to the painted surfaces as they would normally. Water beads and sheets off, reducing the likelihood of water spots and mineral deposits. Bird droppings have less opportunity to stay in place and burn into your paint. Salt spray all winter long tends to streak off the car rather than sit and crust. Bug splatter cleans off with less effort. Snowfall tends to slough off with minimal scraping. Even ice buildup on the glass scrapes off easier! Your quick trip to the touchless carwash looks more like you spent the day washing it. If you DO take the time to wash it yourself, it's incredibly satisfying for how quickly it cleans and returns to its shiny best. What does that yield? A car that looks younger, longer.

In the end, budget matters, and we’ll help you find the best results. Below, you’ll find some packages that fit every budget.

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What Can I Protect?

Ceramic Benefits

Below are some of the many benefits of ceramic paint coatings for your car. 

9H Hardness

Hardest Automotive Paint Coating Available that can Resist Light Scratches

Paint Enhancement

Enhances the Intensity of the Paint


Extremely Slick, Advanced Hydrophobic Properties


Highly Self-Cleaning Silica-based protective layer, less washing required

Chemical Resistant

Fully Chemical Resistant and Can’t Be Removed by Polishing

UV Resistance

Great UV Resistance preventing paint from oxidation

INFINITE Warranty*

We stand behind our product ... forever. *See store for details

Ceramic Packages

At Titan Motorworks we proudly offer the best solutions on the market: GYEON Ceramic Coatings. Below are three different Gyeon Ceramic Coating offerings. 

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CanCoat Pro Evo (Good)

The intro to ceramic paint coatings. Includes the proper decontamination wash, then we apply GYEON One-Year Ceramic Coating. Great coating if you'd like to apply it yearly. 

EVO Type One (Better)

A wildly advanced coating designed to add extreme hydrophobicity and ease for regular cleaning, with incredible gloss and a 5-Year Warranty.

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EVO Infinite (Best)

A revolutionary process with an infinite* warranty. A coating designed to add unmatched hydrophobicity and gloss. This process will include a complete single-stage paint correction. See warranty for complete details. 

Ceramic Options

Titan Motorworks of Rochester is a custom shop that offers tailored solutions for your car. Stop by for a consultation and an in-depth review of your needs. Below are some additional options that we can install during your visit.

Gyeon Q2 quickview rain repellent


Gyeon QuickView is a hydrophobic glass coating that reduces water stiction on glass. Dramatically reduces buildup and reduces wiper frequency while driving during winter months. The expected lifespan is up to 6 months depending on the season. 

Gyeon Q2 repell and cleanse bottles set

Q2 View Glass

Gyeon Q² View is a multi-step semi-permanent hydrophobic ceramic coating. This will primarily be helpful in rain or inclement weather, while also reducing snow/bug/sap adhesion over time. This product has an expected lifespan of at least one year. 

Gyeon Q2 PPF coating set 50ml bottle

PPF Ceramic Coating

Q² PPF EVO is a hydrophobic coating designed to perform with all modern paint protection films, including coated and self-healing versions. It will enhance color on both glossy and matte film without changing the finish.

Gyeon Q2 Leather Shield 100ml bottle

Leather Shield

Q² Leather Shield is an advanced, SiO₂ based formula, specially developed for all types of modern automotive leather upholstery. It provides superb protection against dirt, UV rays, and the rigors of everyday usage. 

Gyeon Q2 Rim Set 30ml bottle

Wheels-Off Rim Coating

GYEON Q²M Rim is applied to wheels, calipers, and related high-heat components. This ceramic coating is specifically designed to allow easy cleaning of brake and wheel components.  

Gyeon Q2 FabricCoat 400ml bottle

Fabric Coat

Q² Fabric Coat creates a strong invisible coating, which protects fabrics from dirt, liquids, and UV rays. This coating is superhydrophobic, ‘throwing’ water and liquids off fabric and textiles - even for fabric convertible roofs


On the easy side, touch-free car washes, commonly known as ‘LaserWash’. Two-bucket method hand washing is best, with products that do not contain waxes or silicones. We carry a range of products if you feel like doing regular washes on your own. Tell us about your existing setup (or lack thereof!) and we’ll show you what you need.

No*. The coating is designed to function like a wax would, for much longer. Applying wax to a coated car will actually result in the wax failing to adhere.

* So actually, GYEON recognized there are enough of you who just *like* to wax your car. So they sat down and designed a wax product unlike anything on the market. Q2M Wax can actually be applied over a coated car. It’s somehow (read: mad scientist) infused with the base of their coating products, so it -will- adhere over a GYEON coated car. It can also be applied to an uncoated car with great results, simulating a lot of the benefits. It does not last anywhere near as long as the coating, so this is primarily for the “stayed up late cleaning the already-clean car” crowd who wants to “Hit Denny’s before Cars and Coffee”. Yeah, we see you.

Your vehicle is ready to drive and see the elements when you pick it up. It can get wet, dirty, etc. You should wait 10-14 days before the 1st wash to allow the coating to fully cure. If you notice that your car gets bird droppings, tree sap etc. during these two weeks immediately but gently remove it following our care instructions. 

Our primary products must be applied by trained and certified professionals. This product requires a strong attention to detail and an understanding of how solvent based coatings work. Any detailer, dealership or service center that claims to apply GYEON without becoming a Certified Installer would be using consumer-grade products. We do carry GYEONs entire line of take-home products, because they are great for the enthusiast!

Yes, GYEON coatings will protect your vinyl from accidental spills, stains, oil/grime, and UV rays. The coating is completely flexible and will not crack or peel from your vinyl. The coating offers a self-cleaning effect allowing your vinyl to be easily cleaned. Say goodbye to countless vinyl cleaning agents.

GYEON Products are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your paint. These coatings will not damage your clearcoat or paint and will not void any manufacturer warranties. It will not Crack, Peel or Yellow. Our products have undergone SGS testing and real-life testing in some of the worlds harshest environments, and surpassed every one of them.

They all refer to the same type of product. Quartz/ceramic/glass coating are terms to name a SiO2 (silicone dioxide) based protective coating. They may have different formulations or features, but basically they all become a thin, transparent, protective layer. All the rest is pure marketing.

The layer might be very thin, but it is extremely resistant. It is fully chemical resistant and can't be removed by polishing. Being a liquid during application, the coating penetrates the porous structure of the paint and seals it. This increases the slickness of any automotive paint enormously. A ceramic coating has great UV resistance, which prevents the paint from oxidation.

Financing Now Available

With promotional financing from Titan Motorworks, major purchases don’t have to wait. Protect your vehicle today and pay over time. 

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