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2023 Rivian R1S in El Cap Granite

2023 Rivian R1S Paint Protection Film


HP: 835hp
0-60: 3.3s
1/4mi: 11.9s @ 110
Color: El Cap Granite
Client: 2x
Other: First in Rochester

Titan Products

Well, we already loved the R1T, so this should be a win as well. Rivian was troubled with getting these delivered for a while, but I think most of us forget that these newer EV auto manufacturers are smaller US companies than the Big Three. I digress. *A quick note - if you’re here because you’re cross-shopping a specific film competitors promotional offering, let me remind you to read the fine print - we did, and that didn’t fit most of our client needs, including but not limited to the lack of actual coverage and warranty. Anywho, back to the R1S!

These folks do gradient colorways and mixed materials like no one else. This interior looks as ‘at-home’ here as it would in a luxury spacecraft. Even the chair proportions are slightly anthropomorphic. Intentional or not, I would assume that long term, it creates a sense of character for your vehicle, one where you view it as an assistant, and less a device you just ‘use’.

With a much larger cabin space than the R1T, we’re treated to the full scope of the design team. We might make arguments that these trendy ‘near-white’ interiors are going to be troublesome down the road, but this is also what sets specific builds apart from the mundane. We treated every inch of this interior with GYEONs interior protective coating series, so we should be fine.

In my opinion, this interior is a wild and wonderful departure from the average, color be damned. Segmented aluminum/white leather/black pinstriping/contrast stitched captain chairs up front are echoed by semi-segmented versions for the rear bench seats. Headrests with aluminum bezels and yellow-gold inserts match the colorway of the logo without screaming it at you. Anodized yellow-gold buckles assist the seat back cargo areas. We also see these colorways repeat on the keyfob. Now, about that keyfob - the design language there was cloned for the cargo tie-downs inside the rear hatch. Same profiles, same finishes, and it’s clever. 

Now, our client here intends to use this truck, and wanted to stand out a bit. Naturally, the STEK DYNOmatte paint protection film became the winner. For those new to the arena, STEK paint protection film is available in two flavors - clear and satin. We can talk about ‘Fashion Films’ another time. STEK’s clear film is called DYNOShield, and is by far, the most optically clear protective film on the market. We’ve worked with nearly everything on the market, and nothing compares. The DYNOmatte film, as seen here, takes all the same protective qualities but switches to a translucent satin - allowing the vehicle color to show through, but giving it a matte/satin finish. It’s a great way to change the look of your vehicle while also protecting the glossy paint beneath. We applied the STEK clear film over the gloss black components for a nice complimentary visual. 

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