More than just a protective coating. Ceramic Pro is a clear, permanent liquid coating based on a revolutionary technology. What sets it apart is its multi-layering capabilities, meaning that by applying multiple layers the thickness of the coating can be increased, unlike traditional waxes.


Protect your car with Ceramic Pro

At Titan Motorworks we offer a few different packages for Ceramic Pro protection, each with a different number of layers, warranty and cost. Learn more about our offerings below.



Not sure you're ready for a coating? Grab one of our Basic or Deluxe Exterior services, and add this 6 month protection pack. You'll get to observe the lightweight version in action.




The Bronze Package offers great exterior protection for your entire vehicle. This coating is designed for customers who lease or purchase a new car every couple of years, with a 2-year warranty*.

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat on all painted exterior surfaces
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat on plastics and wheels
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on windshield and front side windows





The Silver Package offers excellent permanent exterior protection for your entire vehicle. It yields great scratch resilience and unbeatable water beading properties and has a 5-year warranty*.

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on all painted exterior surfaces
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat on plastics and wheels
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on windshield and front side windows





The Ceramic Pro Gold package is designed for someone who is looking for the ultimate in permanent protection. Whether its your oft-neglected daily driver, or your prized pride and joy - it'll be protected to the best level. Lifetime warranty*.

  • 4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H on all painted exterior surfaces
  • 1 Extra layer on exposed areas
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper on wheel faces
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on windshield

*Ceramic Pro packages featuring 2 year, 5 year, and lifetime warranty coverage require a $150 annual maintenance. Read more below.






This one is simple: we protect the two front seats with Ceramic Pro's interior product line. This resists staining, helps wear resistance, keeps fibers clean, and adds hydrophobicity. This service requires an interior service before application.




All seating surfaces and floor carpet is protected with CP textile, offering great protection against the elements, kids, denim transfer, and makes the interior easier to clean when it does get dirty. We highly recommend a Deluxe interior cleaning for this application.



Using a combination of Ceramic Pro's dedicated product line, we protect every surface on the inside of the vehicle.

  • CP Leather on appropriate seating/armrests/shifter boots
  • CP Textile on carpeting, floor mats, trim surfaces
  • CP Plastic on trim, touch surfaces




What do I use to maintain my Ceramic Pro coating?

That’s the great thing about Ceramic Pro Products. Water and a mild soap or dish soap will do the trick. Good bye harsh chemicals, clay bars, etc. Even glass cleaner or a No Rinse lubricant/wash will work to quickly and easily maintain your coating.

Do I still need to wax my vehicle after Ceramic Pro has been applied?

No, Ceramic Pro Products are the permanent replacement to wax and sealants. You can throw those products in the trash!

Does this product require annual servicing?

Yes. To maintain your warranty, you need to attend an annual service. This is $150, and includes a full decontamination wash. This is to ensure the Ceramic Pro performs properly for the entire length of the warranty. If an annual inspection is missed, the warranty defaults to the lesser package at the time of the missed annual inspection. i.e. A Gold (Lifetime) warranty becomes a Silver (5 year) warranty when an annual service is missed. We look forward to seeing you within 30 days (before or after) the anniversary of your coating date.

I just had my vehicle coated, how long until I can wash it?

You should wait 10-14 days before the 1st wash to allow the solvents to outgas and the coating to fully cure. If you notice that your car gets water spots, bird droppings, tree sap etc. during these two weeks immediately remove it following our care instructions. Keep in mind the coating is softer so work on the paint very gently. We schedule a 2-week follow-up wash at no charge, just to check in.



Can I apply Ceramic Pro to my own vehicle?

  • No, Ceramic Pro must be applied by trained and certified professionals. This product requires a strong attention to detail and an understanding of how solvent based coatings work.
  • Any detailer, dealership or service center that claims to apply Ceramic Pro without becoming a Certified Installer and being listed on our webpage is making a false claim. Please report this shop to our Support Team: or +1 (800) 280–6856.

Will CP protect my car from scratches or rock chips?

After Ceramic Pro coating cures, it becomes 3 times harder than paint. The coating is much more resistant to scratching. Ceramic Pro is a glass coating, and while glass can still be scratched and chipped, it is much more resistant than your clearcoat. Ceramic Pro adds some rock chip resistance, but it can still get rock chips from larger stones and high speeds. Applying Ceramic Pro over paint protection film is the ultimate way to reduce physical damage.

Will CP prevent water spots?

No, Ceramic Pro will not prevent water spotting, but it WILL allow those pesky waterspots to be easily removed without damaging the surface. Because Ceramic Pro creates a protective layer over the substrate, it does not allow the minerals to corrode or etch the surface that Ceramic Pro is protecting, prolonging the life of your metals, paints, gelcoat, plastics, vinyls etc. Ceramic Pro is a silica based/glass product and the glass on your windshield can still get water spots, but it is much more resistant to water spots than your clearcoat.

Can CP be applied over vinyl/wrapped cars?

Yes, Ceramic Pro will protect your vinyl from accidental spills, stains, oil/grime, and UV rays. Ceramic Pro is completely flexible and will not crack or peel from your vinyl. As with all surfaces, Ceramic Pro offers a self-cleaning effect allowing your vinyl to be easily cleaned. Say goodbye to countless vinyl cleaning agents.

Any concerns about my factory warranty? Is this safe?

Ceramic Pro Products are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your paint. Ceramic Pro will not damage your clearcoat or paint and will not void any manufacturer warranties. It will not Crack, Peel or Yellow. Our products have undergone SGS testing and real-life testing in some of the worlds harshest environments, and surpassed every one of them.

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