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2023 Lucid Air Grand Touring in Quantum Gray

2023 Lucid Air Grand Touring



HP: 1079hp
0-60: 2.8s
1/4mi: 10.1s
Color: Quantum Gray
Client: 1x
Other: First in town

Titan Products

There is a lot to unpack here. MotorTrend reviewed this car over a year ago and gave it a trepidatiously optimistic score. It takes shots at every aspect of Tesla. I mean it should, CEO Peter Rawlinson was the former chief engineer of the Tesla Model S, and lead designer Derek Jenkins is responsible for the Mazda Shinari concept AND the 4th gen/ND MX5. Honestly the interior and overall build quality is what sets this car apart. But you know, some days that's not enough - so a full STEK DYNOmatte paint protection film plan was the only option. Now in a glorious satin version of quantum grey, this flies both above and below the radar. We layered our GYEON Infinite Warranty ceramic coating in, coated the wheels and glass, and made sure the snow tires fit up nicely. Stellar looks and a conversation starter if you know what you’re looking at. Over 500 miles of range in real world driving, and performance that will satisfy all but a few on this list. What really worked for me was the dark front row, and light rear row. Traditionally, a dark interior makes a car feel sporty and cocoon-like. By doing that in the front, the driver always feels like they’re driving a sports car. By doing lighter colors in the second row, passengers feel as if they’re being chauffeured in a more spacious, relaxing area. Something so simple in design, finally expressed and utilized well? That is refreshing.

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