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2023 Corvette Z06 black

2023 Corvette Z06



HP: 670hp
0-60: 2.6s
1/4mi: 10.6s @ 131.6
Color: Black
Client: 1x
Other: Can clutch kick with dual-paddle pull

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If the Stingray is burgers, fireworks, and beer… the new Z06 is brisket, air strikes, and Tennessee whiskey. And that's the fun part about both of them. The base corvette is a good car. Mid engine, driver oriented, not overwhelming. It’s a picnic! Which makes the Z06 a competitive barbeque. Someone said snarkily, “Shouldn’t that be bourbon since it's from Kentucky?” First up don’t come at me with that pedantic nuance and drama about limestone and new oak barrels and... Ok, that's another article. No, it’s still TN whiskey. It’s Jack Daniels, this car wants to start a bar fight, because it’s going to win. I’m assuming the forthcoming ZR1 is going to be Pappy Van Winkle in this conversation. You know, a bit outside the average range, needs some background experience to really be appreciated, and tough to enjoy at full potential unless you’re seeking specifics. In the Z06, this flat plane crank V8 just sounds so good, and it delivers.

We arranged to pick this vehicle up directly from the client as he took delivery in snowy January. A no-fuss enclosed transport trip and we got right to work planning film coverage. Our lead correction specialist pointed out that in classic GM-Black paint fashion, it needed a solid correction. Yeah, brand new cars need that love, all the time. The client was a little surprised by this, so we invited him back down to take a look under the lights. We performed a sample correction to showcase what the results would offer. This is way less a sales tactic and WAY more an educational opportunity. This also allowed our Z06 owner the chance to inspect a bunch of other cars in the shop, both pre/post correction services, just to see how common this is. We spent some solid hours carefully bringing the condition to above-new. Then we started laying the best optical clarity film on the market - STEK DYNOshield - gotta show off our work too, you know. For this package we did the ‘track pack’, which includes the bumper, hood, fenders, A-pillars, rockers, lower doors, and some rear bumper coverage where those fat 325’s try to throw stones. 

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