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2023 Rapid Blue C8 in Rapid Blue

2023 Rapid Blue C8



HP: 490hp
0-60: 2.9s
1/4mi: 11.2s
Color: Rapid Blue
Client: 1x
Other: Balancing kitchen renovations vs. car mods

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Well, we get this more often than you’d expect. This stunner was driven amidst salt and wet weather. Why? Because he wants to drive it. Got a partial front end. Why? Because he blew his budget for toys on a nice new kitchen. I saw pictures, it was worth it, looks great. You can’t cook in the Corvette. Wait, let me rephrase- you shouldn’t. Much like you shouldn’t let these cars go without STEK DYNOshield and GYEON ceramic coatings of some sort. Our Partial front end handles the basics of impact protection. The GYEON 5r coating makes sure it’s easy to clean up on the regular. If you do find yourself seeking that new Z06 as a long term replacement, well, at least you can mull it over while making dinner.

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