I'm sure you're all probably tired of places telling you about how they're handling this whole scene. But hey! Here we both are, you know?

Titan Motorworks is a NYS registered automotive repair facility. As such we are considered essential in regards to daily operation. Right now we've taken our own steps to reduce exposure, limit interactions, and do our best to help keep you safe, healthy, and on the road.

Lets walk through a typical process: 

You can call or email the shop as you normally would. We appreciate your patience as we handle higher call volume.

We'll get you digitally quoted and booked. We'll need the usual information from you, and you'll be able to authorize services entirely via text and email. Expect even short services to be based on a morning drop-off, evening pickup. This is primarily to ensure our safety, as well as to offer ozone treatment for your vehicle. 

Ozone Treatment? Ozone kills 99.9999% of pathogens through simple oxidization. Frequently the equipment is used to kill organism-based odors in vehicles. The superficial explanation is that its bad to breathe for humans, in the concentration that would be effective in killing pathogens. What we do is run the ozone machine INSIDE the car, with it sealed up. Quite simply, it kills everything in the car. Then we allow the car to ventilate, with our interaction being done. Surfaces, materials, and air is thus clean and safe for you.

We've gone to contact-free drop off and pick up. So you're booked and ready to head in. Our secure key drop box is located at the rear of our building, where there is additional parking. Just drop your car off, make sure you have what you need, and pop the key in the box. If you have conditional concerns (extent of service needed, tech determines different solution), we'll reach out. Our point of sale system allows photo updates easily, so you can stay in the loop with your vehicle.

Unable to leave your vehicle? That's ok, we understand. You can still wait here, following the 6ft distancing protocol. We're sanitizing and cleaning after customer interaction. Our door handles are even treated with XPEL RX, and antimicrobial surface film frequently used in hospital applications.

Payment can be performed entirely online and over the phone. This means we can arrange for pick up at the convenience of your schedule. Have a second key for your vehicle? We have the ability to lock your key discretely in your vehicle, inside a pouch that renders the signal inoperable. Yes, that means even if your vehicle is smart enough to unlock itself when the keys are in it, we can still get around that. This means you can bring your spare key and get into your car. You can leave the fancy red pouch in our key drop once you retrieve your key.

*Hospital staff, first responder, grocery staff, or other essential?* If you can swing by during our open hours, we'll do an ozone treatment at no charge. Just flash a badge or ID. Absolutely feel free to call or email in advance if you're looking to get in and out quickly. It's based on availability, and takes about 20m. We appreciate you and want you safe too.

Fine Print, because this is life: We reserve the right to refuse vehicles or clients based on condition. This is a pretty normal policy, but showing up visibly sick is going to be a no-go. Protocol is subject to change. All of this is subject to change, let's be honest. Titan is not open for hanging out - but damn if we don't wish we were. Stay home now, so we can have car shows later, mmmkay?