The winter months can be brutal on vehicles, including damage and discoloration from salt, road debris, snow, ice and countless other exterior damaging culprits. For those who drive luxury and high-end performance cars, trucks and SUVs, this can rob your vehicle of value as well as its pristine appearance.  Here at Titan Motorworks of Rochester NY, we’re proud to offer a wide array of vehicle protection services to help keep your prized possession looking its best and ready for whatever the winter roads decide to dish out.

Winter tires on vehicle on snow covered road

From custom undercoating and paint protection films, to ceramic pro coatings and automotive security, Titan Motorworks continues to be the most trusted name when it comes to protecting vehicles from the harsh winter roads in Rochester.  Here are just a few of the ways we work to help keep your ride looking amazing.

  • Ceramic Pro Coatings expertly installed to safeguard your vehicle’s exterior
  • Custom Undercoating applications based on your specific model and vehicle type
  • XPEL® Paint Protection Film to protect luster and deter dings, nicks and scratches
  • Paint correction services for vehicles damaged by winter road conditions
  • Expert staff with decades of combined experience for consistently flawless results

Learn How Titan Motorworks Helps Protect Luxury Vehicles in Rochester

At Titan Motorworks of Rochester, we appreciate how much our customers love their luxury vehicles, sports cars and specialty SUVs.  This is what motivates us to provide the highest levels of service and professionalism when it comes to helping them retain their value and flawless appearance.  To learn more about which services are best suited for your type of vehicle, or get information on any of the other products and services we offer, get in touch with the Titan staff or stop by and let us know how we can help.

Give us a call at 585-484-1420 to get started or visit our shop at 2975 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd in Rochester.  You can also write to the Titan Motorworks staff via email through our contact page.