At Titan Motorworks, we’ve proudly provided quality car care to automotive specialists in the Rochester area for over a decade. From paint protection to window tinting to exterior reconditioning and more, we’re committed to providing car enthusiasts with professional service to turn their vehicle dreams into a reality. And now, we offer financing, so you can start your project today. 

2023 rapid blue c8 corvette in garage

How it Works

We’ve partnered with The Synchrony Car credit card — a card specifically designed to offer flexible financing to car enthusiasts. With it, you don’t need to have the upfront money to cover automotive care services. Instead, you can use The Synchrony Car credit card to spread out the payment over time to keep your vehicle in amazing condition without a lack of funds getting in the way. This card can be used for all your automotive needs, from basic maintenance to extensive repairs to gas.

Key Benefits of The Synchrony Car Credit Card

We know that car enthusiasts have different needs and different repayment preferences. To accommodate that, this credit card offers various payment plans, so you can choose the best option to get the exact service you need. Simply contact our store to learn more about the current payment options. 

You’ll also pay no interest on purchases of $199 or more, as long as you pay in full within six months of our current promotional financing offer. There’s also no annual fee, as well as exclusive cardholder discounts for even more savings. 

Besides that, The Synchrony Car Care credit card is accepted at over 750,000 locations and gas stations throughout the country. And you can easily manage your account through a simple online platform. 

How to Apply

Applying can be done in three easy steps. First, fill out a secure online application. You’ll then get an instant decision after submitting your application. And if you’re approved, you can make car care purchases right away. 

Note that you can use our “See if you prequalify” option to get a decision without it impacting your credit bureau score. You can apply here

Have additional questions, or want to learn more about Titan Motorworks financing or the professional automotive services we offer? We’re here to help! You can get in touch with us by calling 585-484-1420 or by emailing us through our contact form