Depending on which weather source you place your trust in, many are predicting that this year’s winter could be an especially harsh one.  And you don’t need to drive a $150,000 exotic to appreciate the need to protect your vehicle from the snow, ice, salt and sleet that’s notorious for damaging virtually every part of a vehicle’s exterior.  For most people, daily drivers typically don’t fall under the categories of luxury, performance or classic, but that doesn’t discount the need to preserve their appearance and value.  

Ford F-350 Roush truck

At Titan Motorworks in Rochester, NY we understand how important it is to protect your daily driver during the winter months, regardless of how fast or fancy it might be.  We offer a diverse selection of advanced, yet affordable, vehicle exterior protection services to help retain good looks and strong value, even under the most demanding weather conditions. 

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film
  • Exterior cleaning and detailing to remove damaging salt and debris
  • Automotive paint correction to restore imperfections from past winters 
  • Ceramic Pro Coatings to help repel many common winter road elements
  • Interior detailing to restore carpets and prevent damage to fabrics
  • All work is conducted by our highly-skilled staff of automotive experts

If you’re in the Rochester, NY region and looking for an affordable, reliable way to protect your daily driver from the relentless elements of winter driving, get in touch with Titan Motorworks to learn more.  We’ve been serving the Western NY area for nearly two decades and have one of the best online review ratings in the area.  Be sure to check out our full inventory of vehicle accessories, wheels and performance parts, too!

Titan Motorworks is based in Rochester, NY and located at 2975 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road.  To learn more, get answers to your questions or schedule service, give us a call at 585-484-1420 or write to our staff by visiting the contact page on our website.