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2018 BMW M4 Comp in Ferrari Red

2018 BMW M4 Comp



HP: 454hp
0-60: 3.8s
1/4mi: 12.1s @ 118
Color: Ferrari Red
Client: 1x
Other: Coils, exhaust, tune, carbon diffuser, and more!

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This is an interesting one - this client was referred to us after he got to chatting with another regular of ours. Both of them were commiserating about their uncommon colors (Audi’s Catalunya Red and this M4), and the m4 client expressed concerns on rock chips and damage. Our existing Catalunya client was like, “yeah, my car is fully filmed, I don’t worry about that stuff anymore.”

After a brief chat about what STEK DYNOShield is, and how unbelievably clear it is given that the m4 client couldn’t see it on the Audi… he was sold. However, this car already had something like 40k on it, so there were rock chips and scratches. After a consultation, we prescribed a paint correction combined with precision touch-up work. Thankfully we work with a great paint supply place, so they were able to flawlessly match this color. Most touch up work is really aimed at protecting the surface below from contamination or oxidization, but it’s also imperative in getting fresh paint protection film to lay flush and look its best. 

The client stopped by to see the correction work, and knew at that point that yes, we were spot on with recommending complete vehicle coverage. We ran some numbers as best as we could (BMW stopped providing this info beyond the F80), but globally the F8x platform sold about 111,000 cars. We know the F80 M3 numbers for fact, but M4 is vague. By those numbers there are less than 155 Ferrari Red M4s the world over. Strong bet there are no more than 75 in the US. Imola and Melbourne Red are the popular ones - I currently can’t find this (confirmed) color available for sale anywhere in the US as of this post. That’s cool.

Full vehicle film was applied after correction, and we topped it with a GYEON ceramic coating, including the wheels and glass. Our client came for pickup with a friend driving no less than an Isle of Man Green M4... good color choices, guys.

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