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2022 cadillac escalade v




HP: 682hp
0-60: 4.3s
1/4mi: 12.7s
Color: Crystal White Tri-Coat
Other: These services were gifted to a family member.

Titan Products

The journey began by introducing our customer to a range of options for paint protection coverage. We showcased the matte paint protection film, a fantastic product called DYNOmatte from STEK. Why STEK, you ask? This company isn’t just known, it’s respected far and wide for its incredible reputation, its extensive variety of custom films, and let's not forget that reassuring

10-year warranty. Our location based in Rochester, NY has a ton of experience with this matte film and our customers are always very pleased.

The customer's Escalade V was all-white, and they wanted to add a touch of sophistication to the painted surfaces. So, we got to work applying the DYNOmatte paint protection film. This film isn't just about looks; it offers a matte finish that provides an elegant and unique appearance.

The customer wanted something truly custom. We showed them STEK's fashion film options, and they fell in love with DYNOforged-gloss. Now, what sets this film apart isn't just its ability to replicate the appearance of forged carbon fiber with an incredible depth and detail. It also has a hydrophobic top layer that keeps the vehicle cleaner for longer. Imagine water simply beading right off the surface and the peace of mind known this film is going to protect whatever its covering from rock chips, scratches and contamination just like all paint protection films from STEK. Most materials attempting this look fall short, repeating the pattern noticeably, but not STEK’s. Spotting repeated patterns in this film is a task, meaning that applying it on large areas like hoods is totally possible. However, in this case, the customer opted for a subtler effect, choosing to lay the film only on selected trim areas.

To elevate the car's aesthetics further and also to reduce harmful UV rays, we applied Window Tint to the full windshield and both front windows, ensuring a match with the rear. Window Tint doesn’t just serve as a cosmetic enhancement it’s a lot helping cut down on sunlight glare which makes your tips cooler and safer.

Last but not least, we wrapped the top of this Escalade V with a bow, as it was a gift for one of the customer’s family members. This certainly takes the cake for gift ideas, job well done!

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