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2023 Aventurine M3 in Aventurine Red Metalic

2023 Aventurine M3



HP: 503hp
0-60: 3.4s
1/4mi: 11.6s @ 124
Color: Aventurine Red Metalic
Client: 1x
Other: M Performance carbon

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Dare I squeeze three at your cherry M3.

This brand-new M3 came from the dealer with notable scuffs and paint damage. The dealer offered to fix it. [ But... it was the dealer… who put them there! ] We took matters into our own hands, got the paint looking primo, and went to town with clear STEK DYNOshield paint protection film on almost every panel. Not leaving well enough alone, we also installed M-Performance coilovers and DINAN spacers. This lowered the center of gravity, got the suspension more inline with performance spec, and added a touch of extra stability in the corners. We massaged the fender liners to gain some tire clearance so we could push those Competition wheels out a touch further. Now naturally we coated those wheels with GYEON Q2Rim, because cleaning them is just.. Well, it's time lost behind the wheel, that's what it is. With GYEON Q2 View on the glass and Infinite Evo on the rest of it, this car is fully protected and ceramic coated. 

Helping it clean up 160, swiftly.

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