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2023 BMW M2 in Zandvoort Blue

2023 BMW M2



HP: 453hp
0-60: 4.1s
1/4mi: 11.9s @ 120
Color: Zandvoort Blue
Client: 2x
Other: Manual! Shadowline, carbon roof

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The new M2 is a conversation piece for sure. Where do we start? Initial photos online had people all up in arms, appearing as another dramatic departure from a previously loved generation. Let me state the obvious - this car is rad, and I wager the conversation about it is as fun as the driving experience. 

About the performance numbers and stats- the automatic is faster. I don’t care. I don’t care at all! This powertrain layout is everything BMW ever got known for. Boxed fenders, massive rubber at all four corners, a whopper of a boosted inline six up front, a host of electronic nannies that actually help you put the power down, three pedals, and parking sensors that sound like they’re lifted directly from Mario Brothers. 

We ensured paint condition was ideal, and then got to work on a complete STEK DYNOmatte protection plan. This was one of the first M2s delivered in the US, which required our skilled team to develop panel fitment by hand. As we’ve seen with a few other vehicles, the satin paint protection film can bring to life new lines and shapes within the vehicle design. The M2 is no exception here, dramatically showcasing the rear haunches. The DYNOmatte brings your eyes to the sheer surface area of these fenders, front and rear. I get big E46 M3 vibes up front, and the obvious homage to the E30 M3 out back. Really, none of it falls short. The STEK film offers complete vehicle protection, so you can go enjoy your Ultimate Driving Machine as you see fit. 

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