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2023 BMW M3 Competition in Isle of Man Green

Gloss Vs Satin PPF BMW M3 Competition



HP: 503hp
0-60: 3.4s
1/4mi: 11.1s
Color: Isle of Man Green
Client: 1x
Other: Kyalami Orange Interior

Titan Products

“Is it green? Very.”
    - Jeremy Clarkson

Green cars stand out more than any other color. You don’t exactly ‘end up’ in a green car these days. You agonize over matching the interior. SOMEONE has to do it, and for you, we’re thankful. Today we present a 2023 BMW M3 Competition in Isle of Man Green over Kyalami Orange, taken to the next level with STEK DYNOmatte satin paint protection film.

Now, of course, exactly 50% of you will scream out BLASPHEMY over this aesthetic choice. But hold tight dear reader, as this double feature has an equal mix of 2022 BMW M4 Competition in Isle of Man Green over Tartufo.

Not a common sight to see two of the same obscure colors side by side (in Rochester, NY), let alone with two different finishes. We arranged this solely so you can see how the STEK DYNOmatte (satin finish paint protection film) alters the visual appearance of your paint. Let’s dive in:

Our M3C client knew right off the bat that full car film protection was the answer, but DYNOmatte was on the table as an option. At dropoff, we did a quick prep and laid down a complete front fender in the satin film in order to show how the different film shows the muscular lines of the car differently. It became instantly obvious that was the way they wanted to go.

STEK DYNOmatte satin on all green painted surfaces.
STEK DYNOshield gloss on all gloss black and carbon.
GYEON Infinite EVO lifetime ceramic coating over everything.

Pictures tell more stories for this one, so without further ado

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