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2024 Corvette C8 Z06

2024 Corvette C8 Z06



HP: 670hp
0-60: 2.6s
1/4mi: 2.6s
Color: Black

Titan Products

We completely changed this 2024 Corvette C8 Z06 with STEK’s DYNOmatte film. The DYNOmatte film is a protective layer for your vehicle with a satin finish, 8 mils thickness, and hydrophobic properties for water repellence, anti-contamination features for easy removal of contaminants, and stain resistance. Its most significant feature is its self-healing ability, activated by heat or hot water, which keeps your car's exterior pristine. This film's resistance to rock chips and scratches is particularly noteworthy, preserving the original paint of your Corvette and providing a smooth matte finish.

STEK’s DYNOmatte film uniquely transforms any car’s paint into a sleek satin finish. The film allows the metallic flake in your Corvette's OEM paint to shine through satin/sheen, offering a less dull finish compared to other matte and stealth paint protection films. This makes it a perfect match for a variety of factory matte paints. Additionally, the film comes with a robust 10-year warranty, covering delamination, yellowing, bubbling, and cracking, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Gyeon Q2 Matte is the first coating designed specifically for matte finishes. It provides protection for matte paint, paint protection film, or vinyl wraps without altering the matte finish. This coating also offers UV protection and hydrophobic properties, helping the finish stay clean consistently. For example, on a matte-finished vehicle, the Q2 Matte not only maintains the original look but also protects it from environmental damages, such as sun exposure, while keeping the aesthetic integrity of the matte finish intact.

Applying a ceramic coating like Gyeon Q2 Matte on top of PPF offers several benefits. It extends the life of the PPF by protecting it from UV rays, which can cause yellowing and peeling over time. The coating also makes the PPF easier to clean due to its hydrophobic properties, preventing dirt and grime from adhering to the surface. Additionally, it provides an extra layer of protection against chemical damage and enhances the overall appearance of the PPF, preventing it from looking worn or dirty. In the context of the Corvette Z06, this means the already installed STEK DYNOmatte film will not only last longer but will also maintain its pristine appearance with less effort required for cleaning and maintenance.

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