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BMW X3M Comp & BMW i4 Brooklyn Grey Metallic

BMW X3M Comp & BMW i4


X3M Comp. Specs

HP: 503hp
0-60: 3.2s
1/4mi: 11.5s
Color: Brooklyn Gray Metallic


i4 M50 Specs

HP: 536hp
0-60: 3.3s
1/4mi: 11.6s
Color: Brooklyn Gray Metallic

Titan Products

We recently had the awesome opportunity to work on two very different but equally amazing

BMWs: an X3M Competition and an i4 M50. Both cars were Brooklyn Gray Metallic, and we gave them our signature treatments in paint protection film and ceramic coating.

Both the X3M Competition and the i4 M50 arrived to our shop in Rochester looking to protect their factory paint finish. Having them side-by-side in our shop let us show off how different kinds of paint protection make the same color really stand out in its own way.

For the X3M Competition, we went with STEK DynoMatte. It adds a satin/matte look to the paint while also protecting it from rock chips and scratches. Oh, and it has a 10-year warranty! This DynoMatte film adds a contouring look, which makes the body lines become more noticeable. This film is very strong, which guarantees peace of mind, maintaining your vehicle free of rock chips and scratches with its self-healing capabilities.

The i4 M50 got the clear version of the paint protection film, which is called DynoShield and is also made by the same company, STEK. This film is super optically clear but also very strong and won't yellow over time like other films. This version of the film adds depth to your paint and makes metallic flakes more pronounced. It also has the same warranty and strength properties as the DynoMatte, but DynoShield has a hydrophobic top layer that does not allow water to stick to it.

Since the BMW X3M does not have a ceramic-like top layer, we added one, which makes the paint repel water, so rain and dirt just slide off. Plus, it guards against annoyances like bugs and tree sap sticking to your car. This ceramic coating is from Gyeon's Infinite Evo lineup and does a lot more than you might think. This ceramic coating creates a barrier against water, which protects and maintains the paint for longer. Adding to that, it makes it easier to clean and dry, making cleaning your car very easy.

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