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HP: 617hp
0-60: 3.5s
1/4mi: 12.2s
Color: Donington grey metallic

Titan Products

Our latest project at Titan Motorworks involved the 2021 BMW X5M Competition. Our focus was to enhance its appearance with paint protection film and Gyeon's Q² Matte EVO ceramic coating, ensuring its paint finish remains immaculate and visually perfect.

Transformative Aesthetics with Dynomatte Film

The Dynomatte paint protection film by STEK brings a transformative touch to the 2021 BMW X5M Competition. This film isn't just about aesthetics, it provides a sleek matte finish that elevates the vehicle's appearance. But its benefits go beyond just looks. It's a remarkable solution for maintaining the car's visual appeal

Protection Against Everyday Damage

The Dynomatte film does more than just enhance the BMW's style, it serves as a formidable barrier against everyday wear and tear. From rock chips encountered on highways to scratches from parking lot incidents, this film shields the car's paint effectively. It repels environmental hazards like road salts and bird droppings, which are notorious for causing paint deterioration. Additionally, the film's resilience against harsh sun exposure and acidic rain is a testament to its quality, preserving both the vehicle's value and its pristine condition.

Benefits of Gyeon's Q² Matte EVO Ceramic Coating

The application of Gyeon's Q² Matte EVO ceramic coating on the BMW X5M Competition offers an additional layer of robust protection and aesthetic enhancement. This specialized coating, designed for matte and satin finishes, not only complements the matte effect of the Dynomatte film but also provides a hydrophobic surface, repelling water and dirt with ease. Its formulation ensures resistance against chemical contaminants, protecting the vehicle's surface from harmful substances like road salts and acid rain. Moreover, the Q² Matte EVO coating enhances the depth and richness of the matte finish, ensuring that the BMW retains its unique, appearance for years to come.

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